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Welcome to Alkaline Water Insider!

We’re your #1 source online for information about water ionizers and ionized, alkaline water. There is a LOT of information to sift thru online, and we hope this site will help you make an informed decision both about alkaline water and water ionizers.


Before we jump in too deep, let’s take a look at some of the topics we plan to cover:

Why Alkaline Water?

So you might be asking yourself why we need a site about alkaline water. Here is why: There are a lot of alkaline water sites on the internet that are filled with blatant lies and misinformation. These alkaline water sites are built to trick you, the consumer into buying one brand of water ionizer over another. It’s really hard to sift thru all of these sites to find unbiased information about water ionizers because nearly every one of them is owned and operated by a water ionizer manufacturer!


So this is why we’ve built our own Alkaline Water website. We’re not associated with any of the water ionizer manufacturers. While we will discuss them from time to time, this site is primarily about alkaline water, the benefits of alkaline water and other related topics.

Please stay tuned as we build our site into the best water ionizer and alkaline water site on the internet!!